Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eye Candy 1/18

Female Hottie: Rose McGowan

This week's female hottie has had roles that have seen her as the bad girl (Jawbreaker, Devil in the Flesh) and the good girl (Charmed). She has been romantically linked to shock rocker Marilyn Manson and director Robert Rodriguez. With that porcelain skin and those colored lips, she's a bonafide hottie!

Male Hottie: Barack Obama

With the inauguration coming up this week, I figured Obama deserved his time in the spotlight. Yes, he's a politician and the come Tuesday he'll be the official leader of the free world for the next 4 (8) years, but it seems like every woman (and some guys...even straight) I know has the hugest crush on him. I don't see it, but hey, Clinton and Kennedy had the same type of female following going into office. Um, maybe those weren't the best examples. Let's just hope he delivers on the promises that got him elected.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Kyla Pratt

Best known as the voice of Penny Proud on The Proud Family, Kyla has also had roles in Dr. Dolittle franchise, as well as the TV series One on One. She earned this spot for her appearance in the film Fat Albert, though.

MILF: Julianne Moore

I think its about time I gave some love to the redheads around here (even though this picture makes her hair look more brown that red). Julianne Moore has had roles in films like Boogie Nights, Evolution, Hannibal, and Jurassic Park: The Lost World just to name a few. A very talented actress, her beauty is quite understated, as is the fact that she has 2 children. I, for one, didn't have any idea.

Classic/retro Hottie: Phylicia Rashad

Two words, Claire Huxtable! Yes, that is the role that Phylicia immortalized in the 80s with Bill Cosby as her husband Cliff. A mixture of beauty, brains, and sophistication, not too far off from Phylicia herself. Today she still has a few roles here and there, but none will ever be as memorable as Claire (probably because my mom was the exact same

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