Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eye Candy 2/21

Female Hottie: Lindsey Vonn

This week's hottie comes to us from the sports world. Lindsey Vonn has be the name du jour of this year's Winter Olympics, mostly because of her injury and Sport Illustrated photoshoot. As of the time I'm typing this she's one a gold and bronze medal. Not too shabby. Who says athletes can't be sexy?

Male Hottie: Josh Holloway

I don't understand what the big deal with Lost is, or why ABC feels the need to show a pop up video version of it instead of Scrubs and Better Off Ted before the new episodes, but that's besides the point. That totally overrated show is responsible for this week's male hottie, Josh Holloway. This guy's career started in Aerosmith's video for "Cryin'". Since then he's bounced around with a guest spot here and there until he landed on Lost and has become the object of many a woman's affections.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Tatyana Ali

This week's random hottie comes to us from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Tatyana Ali started her career on Sesame Street and a sketch in Eddie Murphy: Raw and has followed it up with roles in film and television, most notably ...Fresh Prince and her current stint on The Young and the Restless. She also made an attempt at an R & B career, but decided to stick with acting. My, how little Ashley Banks has grown up, huh? In case you're wondering, yes she is related to Muhammad Ali. I believe she's his niece.

MILF: Sade

Sade has to be riding high right now. Her first album in 10 years, Solider of Love, is tearing up the charts (she doesn't release music fort he sake of releasing it, but actually puts time and thought into her songs *GASP* what a concept!) With hits under her belt such as "Smooth Operator", "Sweetest Taboo", "No Ordinary Love", and a slew of others, Sade has proven she's a force in the music industry. Sade is one that all singers should look up to. You never hear her in any kind of controversy. This British born Nigerian beauty is also the mother of a teenage daughter. Can we say MILF?

Classic/Retro Hottie: Audrey Hepburn

We have a true classic beauty this week. Women the world over have wished for Audrey Hepburn's looks. She is bets known for her roles in movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany's, Roman Holiday, My Fair Lady, Sabrina,, and many others. This gorgeous lady was also involved in charity work for UNICEF. AFI has her currently ranked as the #3 greatest female actress of all time. You'll get no argument from me.

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