Thursday, November 18, 2010

The long season...

What a way to end marching season...

First off, let me apologize for not posting any real blogs the past week. Now let me catch you all up.

First off, as my loyal readers know, I was getting ready for the biggest contest of our season, as well as the final home football game.

Well, the game went great, despite being cold. We won against our arch rival, sending us into the playoffs and them home. More on the playoff trip in a sec. The most important thing about the game was the pep rally that morning.

As we all know, coaches and band directors don't normally get along. Well, at the pep rally that morning, the coach took the time before he went into his speech to let everyone know that we were going to huge contest the following morning and that it was more important for them to cheer us on and support us than to cheer for them. Ok...not exactly, but he did say something about how it was more important that they support us than the team. How often do you hear coach say that?

So, contest...a long 5 hr drive back to my alma mater. I won't lie to you, I got a bit "homesick". I was amazed at how much campus has changed, and yet stayed the same.

The kids gave their best performance of the season, and rightfully so. It was all or nothing here. Afterwards, bosman gave them a little spiel about how proud he was, blah, blah, blah...

The day goes on, and my first high school takes the field. I remember before O moved away, my band director told me that I would look back in years and be proud of what I helped establish. He wasn't kidding. They were awesome. They were followed by my college band performing in exhibition. Man, how I miss wearing that uniform!

Finally, awards ceremony. We're all gathered around waiting for the announcer. The bands before us get some rather low marks, and as I've documented here before, I believe there is a small band bias. That wasn't the case here, though, these are just tough judges, especially the color guard judge.

Having said that, we got a II in guard, II in percussion, I in drum major (personally trained by yours, and a band got a I. We were 1 of only 2 bands to get a I in our class. Two ironic things about that. The school I left a couple years ago got a III and the other band that got a I also had a show arranged by me.

In case you forgot we got a III in our first contest, a II in the 2nd on and a I this time. While it would have been better to have Is in all 3 contests, to go from a III to a I like that is an accomplishment, even if I still think thee was small band bias.

After all the ratings were given out, it was time for the best in class. We got best in class drum major and came in 2nd in our class. Funny thing is that alot of the kids were/are a little miffed that I wrote the show that beat us. They'll get over it. It's only a business, plus that guy is one of my dearest friends and I student taught under him.

Next day, we find out that we have a playoff game up north. Bossman had to debate whether to go, especially after making a long trip the previous weekend. In the end, a prominent alumni (New Orleans' Saints defensive back Tracey Porter) paid for a charter for the football team, which freed up the school bus for us, the cheerleaders, and the fans that were gonna go.

All that sounds great, right? Well, the school board decided to try and be cheap and cram a 70 piece band, 20 cheerleaders, 40 fans, and and all the directors, sponsors, and chaperons onto 2 school buses. Needless to say, the 4 hr drive was cramped, especially since I had to sit with to put this nicely...largest..guy in the band.

If you want a visual, I spent the whole time on the almost in the aisle because he literally took about the whole seat. On top of that, the game was in the worst part of town!

Apparently, there had been a shooting the previous week, where a football player has his brains literally blown out of his head following a game. On top of that, we lost. It was like our team forgot to do anything but run. When they passed, it worked. A real head scratchier, lemme tell ya.

Well, that should catch everyone up! Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings! I appreciate you all!

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