Friday, October 14, 2011's coming

A while back, I made a post about how dependent we have become on cell phones. Some of you agreed and some didn't. Isn't it amazing how independent all of our thought processes are?

Well, I've noticed a disturbing trend in automotive technology of late. It all started this summer when I saw a car commercial and the thing was parallel parking itself. At first, I thought nothing of it. I figured the people that developed it are like me and can only parallel park good enough to have passed their driving test.

Then, a few weeks later, there was a commercial where this woman started her can while up in a plane. Now, tell me, what do you need to start you car for from that distance, seriously?!?

Now, I hear talk that cars will be be made with the technology to read minds. i''m not sure about all the detail, but it something to with knowing when to take a right turn or left turn from what I heard last night.

To me, this screams one of two things. Someone is trying to get inside our heads and know everything about us, or this is the beginning of Skynet (if you don't know what that is, go watch The Terminator).

Maybe I'm just too big of a sci-fi geek, but I'm just waiting for the day when these cars, cell phones, lap/desktops, and all other technology just revolt and enslave us humans. Search your feeling, you know it to be true! lol

Seriously, though, isn't this a bit too invasive with the way technology is going, especially the mind reading car. I'm sorry, but I don't want anyone in my brain, but me. It is truly a scary place in there, lemme tell ya!

So, what do you think, dear readers? Thoughts? Opinions? Two cents? Leave them all on the comment page!

Thanks for reading!

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