Friday, March 30, 2012

Chiming in

I'm sure you've all been hearing about this Trayvon Martin case. If you haven't, then good for you for living under a rock and not having to endure every which way you turn.

Now, I don't want to make this a long, drawn out (mainly because it's kind of late), but it seems like the main thing people seem to be bringing up is race.

Yes, Trayvon is African American and was shot by a...well, some reports say he's white and others say he's Latino. They really need to make up their minds about what the guy is.

Anytime you see Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton somewhere, you know they're going to start up some racial stuff, but shouldn't the real topic here be the face that a young man...a 17 yr old boy was shot!

When I hear people talking about this, that seems to be the one thing everyone is forgetting, in favor of digging up all kinds of dirt and useless facts meant to besmirch the names of these two guys involved.

I'm not sure what sickens me the most, the fact that this guy "allegedly" shot this kid because he looked suspicious, the overexposure this has gotten in the media, or the fact that it has been a month and he's still free.

Since when can you shoot someone and not be at least detained until the investigation is completed? Maybe the fact that his father is a judge has something to do with that, though...hmmm

Look at these other crimes...and how fast the culprit was arrested

Kim Kardashian had flour thrown on her and they arrested the person on the spot
Michael Vick ran a dogfighting ring and wasn't arrested for about a year (no humans were killed, just dogs)
Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg and was immediately detained (once he got out of the hospital)

Those are just a few examples. Now will someone tell me why it is that this guy is running free? That child molester guy up at Penn State is free, yes, but he has been arrested about 3 or 4 times since this came out, but keeps posting his bail, so that's a different story

I guess the main thing here is justice. I mean if this guy gets away with shooting like this (he claims its self-defense), can you imagine how unsafe it'll be to walk down the street? If someone thinks you're suspicious they'll shoot you and apparently get away with it.


So, what say you, dear readers?


Lin said...

I can't even weigh in on this because I'm so sick of the racial spin that has been put on this. Now they are saying the guy is a White Hispanic. Really?? Does that make Obama a White African American??? Nooooo. Why would we say THAT?!

No matter what race anyone is--IF what transpired is really true (and does anyone really know what happened that night? I can't seem to find a straight report that isn't biased with a lot of color thrown in) then we should be outraged that a person was killed on the street. Not a "(insert color here) person" by a "(insert WHITE here) person".

I'm just done with it. I'm done with Jessie and Al causing more and more racial problems in this country. Trayvon or no Trayvon.

I'm done hearing the story already. And that is a shame.

Mystery Man said...

well said, it is a tragedy, but everyone seems to have lost sight of what really happened in favor of making it a racial/political thing. ugh! sometimes i really hate the society we live in!!!