Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pleasant..but it won't last

With band camp inching ever so close to being here, I've decided it is time to get out of the A/C and out in the heat, so that I'm used to it and not complaining as much as the kids. The problem with that, though, is that this morning I walked out to a windy and rainy day. What was more remarkable, though, is the fact that the temperature was downright pleasant! When was the last time you could say pleasant and July in the same sentence?

This is south Louisiana in the dead of summer. By all accounts I should nearly pass out from heat exhaustion as soon as I walk out the door. For all the heat wave accounts that I've been hearing the past couple of weeks, it really hasn't been that much different than normal down here *knock on wood*

Back to the pleasantness, though...am I wrong in wishing this is a sign that we'll actually have seasons again, rather than the week of winter we had? I believe altogether, we had maybe 6 days of winter type weather, a couple of those occurred in the spring, on top of that!

I guess I should just enjoy it while its around. Thank goodness for that cold front that came through, because I'm sure that by this time next week, things will be back to sweltering.

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Mike Golch said...

your blog was deleted by entrecard! did you drop out or is entrecard being bitchie??