Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cooler temps make things go sooo much smoother

For those of us that live in the South, we are more than aware of the extreme temps we endure year after year. Now, for those of us that are/were involved in extracurricular activities that involve outside practices for long hours(band, cheerleading, football, etc), this causes utter misery.

Well, this week, the cooler temps have hit. What does this mean? Well, since band camp practice has been miserably hot, and causes the students to not have as much fun out there as they could, not to mention the misery we directors endure with the sun beating down on us up there on that tower.

I can't tell you how much smoother practice has gone this week, and just in time as contest is 2 weeks away. Unfortunately, we only get 1 performance between now and then, which sucks, but that's what happens when everyone wants to play you or

Well, I'm going to wrap this up and go for a nice little stroll around the neighborhood to enjoy the coolness. Hope you all had a good day!

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