Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shouldn't these be much faster?

So, somehow my friend suckered me into helping her chaperon a field trip downtown to the state capitol today. While down there, we stopped into the state library. I decided to take a few minutes and check my e-mail.


I can't remember the last time I was on computers so slow. Wait, yes I do. It was in college, when the lab computers were still on Netscape. Remember those days?

Anyway, so a task that should have taken 5 minutes, tops, took nearly 30.

I could be wrong, but I would imagine that the computers at the STATE library would be much faster, or at least the same speed as the ones at school.

I'm not that computer savvy or anything like that, but one wold think they'd have a better, faster, server running things. I don't know. I cold be wrong.

Well, thanks for letting get that off my chest, and as always, you continued readership (is that even a word?) is much appreciated!


Lin said...

I had the same experience at a hotel we were staying at this past weekend. It was faster for me to text my husband and ask him to look up what I was searching for than to use the dang computer there. UGH!

Mystery Man said...

isn't it sad that phone i faster than a computer? lol