Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weather channel stupidity

Apparently, we are set for some bad weather down this way...or at least some heavy rain. With a football game tomorrow night, I was keeping my eye on the Weather Channel to see what the weather would be doing.

Much to my surprise, they were handing out nuggets of knowledge, courtesy of Jim Cantore. For instance, did you know that a drought in Texas is what's keeping them dry. Did you know that?

Oh, and how about this one...New Orleans is under sea level (common knowledge for those of us that live in La, and the south for that matter), but did you know that a few years back there were a couple of hurricanes that nearly destroyed the entire city? That's news to

These are just a couple of things he mentioned. Ugh! Sometimes I wonder how stupid these people think we are.

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Lin said...

I can't watch the evening news or listen to those wacky radio stations in the morning because of the nonsense they talk about. There is too much talking for most things--have you noticed?