Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DJ go home

Last week, we had our first football game. Everything came off without a hitch, except for the fact that the principal hired a DJ to play at the game.

Now, before you jump on his case, it is important to know that he's the kind of guy that will say yes to anyone just to keep from conflict, not to mention his daughter is in band.

speaking of which, it seemed like everytime we got ready to play something, the DJ would crank something, including during halftime!

Now, some may think that the crowd would be more into hearing "popular" music and rappers cussing rather than a high school band, which is the reason a DJ was hired, but the fact is, the crowd (who rarely react to anything) actually got up, danced, and cheered when we played as opposed to when the DJ played.

Keeping on that note, the mass outrage about the DJ has been more than surprising. I don't need to tell you that band isn't exactly the most popular "club" down here, but people (including those that have nothing to do with us) were highly offended that the school board, Principal, and whoever would hire a DJ and that they tried to play over us, especially during out halftime performance!!!

The only people supporting the DJ are the people that wanted to hear that type of music and the ones that wanted to hire him, which is like maybe 10 people from my understanding.

The battle is still ongoing, and I will keep you posted. The next home game is this week. I'm sure things will be resolved by then...well, they would in most places. I can only hope down here, though.

So, what do you think, dear readers. Do you think they were right in this hiring of the DJ, or do you have common sense and side with us? I'm curious to know what you have to say about this situation.

Thanks for reading!


Classic NYer said...

That's a little disrespectful to the band. I mean, I'm assuming you put a lot of hard work into putting a show together... why would all that be covered up by a DJ? Whose idea was that anyway??

Lin said...

Wow. That is some power struggle at the upper management. That is a powerful statement--I think a meeting is in order. Or did that already happen?

This happened last year at a basketball game--the A.D. insisted on playing recorded music during time-outs and half-time and such. That is until the band director went over and told him that from now on they could use the recorded version of the school song and the national anthem. That ended pretty quickly. Try that one for your situation.

Some administrator's have their heads up their *sses.

Mystery Man said...

Classic NYer - yeah...we haven't been out there in the heat for no reason. i believe that the idea was one of the football boosters and the principal just went along with it to avoid conflict

Lin - aren't you glad you don't have to deal with this stuff up there. it would never happen at a basketball game (coach is an alumni band