Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I can do nothing but shake my head in disgust

I think all of us can remember the joy of playing outside when we were growing up, right? I know that I pissed my mom off plenty of times either by being late, dirty, or both when I would come home.

Watch this...

I don't know about you, but I'd be pissed to if I had to go sit in a jail for 18 hrs just for letting my kids play outside...allegedly "unsupervised". My guess is that there is some friction between her and this neighbor who made the call, and she was just looking for any excuse to start some mess. That being said, this is a bit much.

As far as the arrest go, when did it become a crime to let your children play alone outside? From the looks of it, that is a pretty safe neighborhood! It isn't like she likes in a shack down in the ghetto riddled with bullets and surrounded by drug dealers. For goodness sakes, we seriously need to stop being so paranoid about everything.

As a native Texas, this offends me to no end to know it happened in my native state. I can only feel for this mother, and countless others out there who will now be afraid to let their kids out and play because they might get arrested, even if they are sitting out there with them.

We talk about how kids never get outside anymore all the time; how they are basically attached to their computers, cell phones, and video games. Yet, here we have a mother who actually lets her kids outside to play, and some bitch of an old hag neighbor as well "genius" police officers have her arrested.

Someone please tell me what sense this makes, because I would seriously like to know! Ugh! I'm so angry right now, I could sue for her.

Tell me dear readers, what say you? Is the lady in the right? What about the neighbor? I'm curious to know where you all stand.

As always, thanks for reading!

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