Thursday, October 25, 2012

We all complained about lunches in school

I remember back when I was in school how I either took my lunch or just hit up the concession stands (mainly because of the cute cheerleader or ROTC chick I was crushing on at the time) so that I wouldn't have to eat that slop they served in the cafeteria.

My guess is that many of you had a similar opinion of your cafeteria's food in school. Well, it was brought to my attention yesterday that the cafeteria food up at the high school served maggots in their food this week.

I first thought this was just some kid attempting to play a Halloween prank on me, until one of the teachers up there told me that it was true. Not only was it true, but it was done on consecutive days!

Here's the thing...coaches run this school district...literally, almost every teacher, administrator, and school board member is a coach of some sort. I can imagine if one of their players got sick the uproar it would case, especially if was the football players.

We all know that football players are any school's pride and joy, especially during football season (at least when they're winning). Why is it when the other student's are nearly poisoned, nothing is done, even though parents and teachers complain?

I didn't even bother going to the school board. I used connection. hehehe It helps to have gone to high school with the health inspector. Needless to say, there will be an investigation.

I'm curious to know what you all think of this? Have you ever been anywhere where the school has served maggots? Isn't that like, totally gross, man?

Thanks for reading!


Lin said...

That lunch room should be shut down and done so immediately! I can't imagine that nobody went to the school administration and the newspapers about this!! I would.

This is horrible. If I was a teacher or an employee of the school, you'd better believe I wouldn't take it quietly. We ALL have to look out for the kids!

Good thing you did something. Thank you!

Mystery Man said...

i was shocked about that, too. my friend is coming to do his inspection next week, so we'll see what happens.