Tuesday, October 16, 2012

With all the negativity in the world...

Stories like this should really get more hype. Even someone as devoid of emotions as I have been rumored to be had to take a moment after reading
While the LSU football team and Tiger fans have been gearing up for this game all week, one little boy from Baton Rouge has been holding out all summer. Saturday, the Golden Band from Tigerland made one this kid's lifelong dream come true.

For most of his life, five year old Oliver Prats was a LSU band spectator.

"Oliver was born with Spina Bifida which causes paralysis below the waist," said Lacy Prats, Oliver's mother. "He uses a wheel chair to ambulate. So in therapy he can walk with braces and walker. So we always tell him to pretend that he's marching with LSU marching band."

But Saturday he did not have to pretend. After band director Roy King saw a picture of little Oliver in a miniature band uniform on Facebook this summer, he and his staff decided to bring Oliver in on the action.

"We're going to start off where the band steps off at the Greek Amphitheater. And Oliver's going to lead the band, literally, through the streets down the hill and into the P-MAC," said Trey Prats, Oliver's Dad.

Oliver, who was a little shy at first, absolutely transformed as he lead his heroes through a sea of purple and gold. After a long summer of waiting for this special day, that Oliver and his parents never dreamed of, this little boy's lifelong dream has come true

"These kids go through so much. All day yesterday, in fact, we were in New Orleans at doctor's appointments all day. He's got a tough life. He really does. And you know days like this just makes it all worth it, and it just brings a smile on his face," said Lacy Prats.

After all of the pre-game band fun, Oliver and his parents also got to spend the entire football game sitting in the stands with the band.


Lin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this story!! and I especially love that he wanted to be in the BAND....not in a football jersey! :)

Mystery Man said...

i know, right? especially around here where they all put brainwash you that lsu football is all there is...lol