Saturday, December 22, 2012

Are we headed for a police state?

Last week, I had a post written up and ready to post about the tragedy in Connecticut, but decided not to post it as I'm sure everyone and their mama is sure to have said something about it, and would still be talking about it for the next few weeks, months, or until something else more tragic happens. I also wasn't going to go into how some people are already trying to turn this political. Between that and the fact someone went in and shot up a bunch of kids, it just makes me sick!!!

In response to the shooting, many schools tightened up security ad have considered taking further (drastic) steps to keep this from happening again. This has spurned the whole debate about guns, which I won't get into here, as I prefer to keep political opinions to myself.

With that said, this what my lovely employers are considering....

WEST BATON ROUGE PARISH, LA (NBC33) — Schools in West Baton Rouge Parish are looking for ways to make sure their kids stay safe while they learn. That's why the district will hold a meeting in a few weeks with principals, sheriff's officials and a crisis management team. The goal is to find ways to help lessen the chances such as the one in Newtown, Connecticut. Superintendent David Latona says all options are on the table, including arming teachers and staff with guns. "Security now is an opportunity to buy some time until the authorities or someone can get there,” David Latona, WBR Superintendent, said. “The politically correct thing to say would be to rectify the matter. The real issue is to take that person out."
My first thought when I read this was at least they're doing something. This district is run entirely by coaches who do nothing unless it involves sports, while our academics are near the bottom of the state, but that's a topic for another time.

My second thought is, if this goes through, what happens if the wrong student gets on the wrong side of the wrong teacher on the wrong day? Out will come the gun and down will go the students, as well as the teacher's career.

Guess what will happen after that goes down? There will be another debate about guns and whether or not teachers should have guns. I'm sure someone will propose arming students as well. I think we know how that will turn out.

Some places have resorted to using police and military for protection. One school had an alumni who had recently returned from his deployment standing outside the school, unarmed, just as a deterrent. I fear this may give ideas to the military, though.

Maybe I've watched too many movies, but what happens when our schools are overrun by police and military? What's next?

All of this because one parent wasn't responsible enough to know what her child was doing. Is TV, movies, music, and video games to blame, the way the NRA (such a credible source of morality..note the sarcasm), and a population seem to believe? No, because truth be told, there are millions of kids who are exposed to the same, yet they don't go shooting up elementary schools, so that point is invalid.

Anyway, I'm eager to hear what you have to say about this matter. What do you think about us teachers carrying guns? Good idea or bad idea?

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Lin said...

What a ridiculous solution the NRA has suggested--more guns to shoot those with guns. It's gonna be like the old west!

There are people out there who should not be teachers (for reasons such as you have already touched on) and they are going to have guns too???! Oh my gosh. I'm sure the union will protect their right to bear arms and shoot to kill in the classroom too, right? Crap, we can't get some of these losers fired for god's sake--and now we are gonna give them guns???!

Stop the madness...I want off this crazy train.

Mystery Man said...

I don't really put much stock in the NRA. They seem like a bunch of wackos with guns just looking for any excuse to start shooting up the place.

You're right about the people who should not be teachers, but what can you do?

Maybe my next musical monday will be "Crazy Train" to honor the situation. I think we all want off!

Lin said...

Merry Christmas, Mystery Man. Let's pray for a better year ahead. :)

Mystery Man said...

same to you miss lin