Friday, June 18, 2010

Moment of pride

As a teacher, I'm always listening out for good thing my students, past and present, accomplish. I was brimming with excitement when the local high school football show said that one of my first students was (according to them) the best player in the state for this past year, and they look for big things from him at LSU and if he goes pro.

Obviously, its too early to tell anything, but these are good signs. However, he wasn't that great of a student when I had him in 8th and 9th grade. If you've ever seem the move Friday Night Lights, he was like Boobie Miles in terms of his attitude towards anything non-football or basketball.

He did seem to like playing tuba, though. It just happened to be the thing that had to go. These things happen. If what they say is true, then maybe he made the right choice. In the meantime, its just good to hear then name of one of my former students mention in the same company as some NFL greats from this state.


FishHawk said...

I hope he goes on to accomplish great things.

Mystery Man said...

I hope so, too, but only time wil ltell