Monday, December 13, 2010

This just isn't right!

It seems like more and more everyday, people are focusing in on people's weight, be they over or underweight, or even just plain old average sized. Well, this just takes it to another level.

First off all, would you call that woman anywhere near overweight? Sure, by what we think of as a ballerina, she may be a bit on the heavy side, but even then, she isn't overweight!

Second, it is this guy's right (and job) to criticize, but there is a line that you just don't cross, especially if you're going to talk about a woman's weight, and she recently suffered from an eating disorder.

I applaud him for standing by his comments, but the fact remains it should have never been said. His job was to review the ballet, not the ballerinas. Now, if she was indeed "overweight" and it was causing her to not give a good performance, then that would be different.

As far as I can tell, though, this was not the case, and this guy was just being hateful. It is people like this douche that cause many females to develop eating disorders or commit suicide.

Judging by this interview, I don't think this woman is going to go that route. She seems happy and comfortable in her skin, and isn't going to let the writings of one uneducated dumkopf to get to her.

However, I still have to say that this isn't right! What if this had been someone with not as high self-esteem? Chances are, if he's said this once, he's bound to attack another ballerina...probably for something as trivial as not having long enough legs different color hair or something.

Geesh! How can people like this exist?


Lin said...

Oh, when will society stop obsessing about women and their weight??! Criminy. I wish I looked like that!!! She is incredibly thin and he thinks she's fat????! Ugh.

Mystery Man said...

Dunno...seems like anytime someone with a little meat on their bones becomes successful, they automatically have to get skinny, for some unknown reason. It's riduculous!

I don't think she thinks she looks fat, it was some critic that thought she looked fat. She just said se was a bit heavier than the other dancers

Personally, I think there are tons of women who would kill to be her size