Friday, December 24, 2010


Last night I made a post on Facebook about my frustration with A Christmas Carol not being shown on TV this year. As I was in a rush, I chose to use the shortened version, complete with X's.

Apparently, this is a pet peeve of one of my friends and she made sure to let me know it, and then proceeded to bitch about it on one of her posts and how if a person can't be courteous enough to keep Christ in Christmas, then she doesn't need their Happy Holidays.

I've since explained that I meant nothing by the X, but I still have to wonder...what is so offensive about saying Xmas?

As I said, I was just using shorthand, but I do know some people that prefer it be Xmas all the time. My friends come from a variety of religious beliefs, from Christian to Jewish, to Pagan, Agnostic, etc., so using X or just saying Happy Holidays works much better and doesn't offend anyone, but there is always that one person who takes things too far, you know?

In my opinion, how you celebrate the holidays and what you think the reason for the season is should be something for you and yours. Don't go around trying to make folks change the way they say/do things just because it doesn't fit into their beliefs.

At the same time, I do respect everyone's opinions and beliefs, so it is one of those things where you just can't please everyone. Hell, I'm sure folks get offended by sneezes these days. I'm just waiting to hear that some random person decided to sue someone else because they sneezed when they walked in the door and that was just sooo

Seriously, though, I don't see what the big deal is. Whether you believe this holiday is a stolen Pagan ritual, a celebration of the birth of Jesus, or just another day, is your business, but, as I said before, there is no reason to go around bitching about something as trivial as using an X!

I mean really, what good does that do? Is it really going to get you into heaven or keep you from hell by trying to make sure everyone says Christmas rather than Xmas?

*WHEW* I needed to get that out. Thanks for reading, guys!

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