Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A- = lawsuit?

Yeah, that title is right. With the first half of the year over, it was time to give out midterms. With said midterms come parent teacher conferences. My students mostly got As. I mean, I teach band and study hall. Not exactly AP Algebra, y'know?

So, why the lawsuit? Well, one of my students earned herself an A- and her parents were none to happy about it. Yes, you read that right. They got all bent out of shape over their daughter getting an A-!

Why did she get said grade. Simply put, she was tardy a couple times. Not like she's a bad kid. It happens. She even acknowledged so, but apparently her parents think otherwise. At least that's what I gathered from our conference this morning.

They threatened to sue me, the school, and the school board for giving their little girl a "failing grade".

First of all, when has an A- ever been a failing grade?
Second, I didn't give the grade, she earned it.
finally, how are you going to sue over something so trivial?

Rest assured, my friends, nothing came of this. These are just parents that think everything should go their way and be handed to them. Appareled when their oldest was in middle school the same thing when he was quarterback of the football team and went 19/20 for 211 yds.

I guess I had to meet a couple like this eventually, huh?


Lin said...

Welcome to the dark side of teaching--parents! And I'm one of them! Not like that, but I do see some who are just wacky. That said, I see some bad teachers too that cannot be removed due to tenure. The world is crazy, isn't it?? I'm glad it worked out for you.

Mystery Man said...

tel me about it. my first job i gave a girl an F becuse she didn't wear her hat on homecoming night becuse it would have messed up her hair. that monday her dad came up to the school and wanted me fired. i don't know about you, but when i was in school, we followed th rules...especially when grades were involved, and parents only came up to the school when they needed to. what had our society disentegrated into?