Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Gas and how even those that don't drive know something needs to be done

I'm sure we're all feeling the pain at the pump. Down here, as of this morning, it was $3.34/gal! Last night, some guy was talking about that by then end of next year, if something isn't done to find more resources or alternative fuel, we'll be shelling out $5/gal!!!!

Theoretically, I could get up about 30-45 min earlier and walk/bike to work, but that's just work. The car still needs to be filled up, y'know?

Interesting enough, my students were talking about this when they came in today (even though they are still a few years from getting behind the wheel). Two things that they brought up were interesting to me.

The first was why is it we haven't found a way to make that Mr. Fusion thing from the Back to the Future movies a reality. I have to go back and look at it again, but I seem to remember that it took common stuff like trash and turned it into nuclear power. Now, obviously, the nuclear thing isn't going to work, but perhaps they can find a way to use the same idea and turn it into a way to run our vehicles. There's more than enough trash, don't you think?

The second thing they mentioned was why is it the government isn't doing anything about the price of gas. One of my other students responded and said that it was because the politicians are too busy riding around in their limos (complete with gas paid for with the people's taxes). Who says middle school band kids aren't smart? lol

I totally agree with her, but I'm not sure that is the reason. From what I know, there really isn't much thy can (read:want to) do, because it would take money out of their pockets, and as we all know, politicians...regardless of party...only care about fattening up their pockets and getting re-elected.

anyway, I'm curious to know what you think about these rising gas prices? Any ideas? Notions? Conspiracy theories? I'd love to hear them!


Mike Golch said...

it is my belief that things like drilling rigs blowing up and refineries burning are no accidents,it is a way to creat shortages to drive the price of gasoline up.the oil comp[anies keep got to keep getting more and more money to keep raising the insane pays the Ceo's get.

Classic NYer said...

I've heard a theory that they actually do have an alternative method in the working, and that they're trying to use up all the natural resources so that when they're all gone, we'll have no choice but to turn to their (patented, of course, and horribly expensive) alternative.

Lin said...

They are talking of $5/gallon here by Memorial Day. If we don't tap into our gas supplies, whatever gains we have made in this economy is going to tank. People are not going to travel or spend money on anything but $ for gas to get to work...to pay for gas...to get to work.....

Mystery Man said...

Mike - i actually hadn't thought about that, but you're probably right

Classic - that wouldn't surprise me one bit

Lin - you know all those movies where it seems like the few people that are left alive seem to be scraping for any and everything they can, that's going to be us soon if something isn't done