Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life after Entrecard

I think almost all of you that read my random thoughts, rambling, and various other musings here found me through Entrecard (before it went to !#%@!#%), right?

Can you believe that it was around this time last year that I left that site? Sure, I still have my little drop card and everything, but I have been back since I made the decision to leave and, honestly,I think my blog is better for it.

simply put, when I was on EC, it seemed like a chore to have to get on there and drop on everyone's site who had dropped on mine. Without having to do that, I've been able to cultivate more of a close knit blogging "family" of faithful readers.

Sure, my traffic is way down, but I'm much more intersted in those that come here and actually read what I have to say (even if it doesn't make any sense), than empty viewers who come, look for the card, click it, and move along.

When I was on EC, I used to have a top droppers post. Can't do that anymore...well, I suppose I could if I actually went back and saw who actually still uses that thing to drop. However, I do want to thank all of you that comment on a regular basis. (I need to comment on your blogs more often, I know)


Classic NYer said...

This is totally how I feel about adgitize, which is a similar thing. I found it just wasn't worth the time investment... though I did find ladyjava's music monday through there, so I guess it wasn't all bad.

Mike Golch said...

so let me get this strait, you say you left entrecard,but yet you still have a working entrecard widget.I'm confused.

Lin said...

You have to work it a bit more, but you can actually increase your readership after leaving EC. I did.

I left about the same time you did and I was still ringing up clicks on my non-existent EC widget for months afterwards! Tell me it wasn't corrupt!

Mystery Man said...

NYer - yeah, i found her through EC, so it wasn't all bad

Mike - yeah, i just never took it off or delted my account.

Lin - it wasn't corrupt! there, i told