Thursday, March 3, 2011


Earlier this week I posted how I was tired of all this Charlie Sheen coverage, as many of you are, as well.

A friend of mine brought this up at lunch today, and I had never actually given it much thought.

Sunday was the Oscars, and one would expect that come Monday morning, media outlets would be celebrating the winners, yet they were too busy shoving Charlie Sheen's rants down our throats.

The NFL is facing a work stoppage, yet even ESPN hasn't given that the full coverage because they've been touching on this Sheen this, as well.

Gas prices are spiraling out of control, and yet the only thing we hear about is more Charlie Sheen.

There is this whole situation going on in the middle east, and yet all we hear about is Charlie this, Charlie that.

Screen legend Jane Russell dies, and with the exception of a short article on yahoo, no one even acknowledged her. Why? Because apparently, if Charlie Sheen isn't being covered 24-7, the world will cease to exist.

Isn't this all so sad? The fact that one man has control over all the media outlets like this is insane. Especially since he's not really that popular of an actor. I mean, has this been someone like Brad Pitt, Hale Berry, Julia Roberts, etc., it would still be bad, but at least it would make sense!

Ugh! Someone shoot me now so I don't have to listen/watch anymore of it! lol

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