Monday, May 2, 2011

Casa en Fuego

So, normally I'd have posted a Musical Monday selection here by now. I actually had one ready to go, but I think its best if I hold off on that because I am about to be off on what seems to be a yearly bit of uncertainty regarding my blogging and internet uses.

Last year, this disruption in service, if you will, was caused by some issues between the little woman and I, which we worked out. This year, though, I'm not even sure I have a house anymore.

I was away in San Antonio on a band trip and the little woman calls me and says the house behind s caught on fire and it had jumped to our building. Apparently, she was in there when this happened and got the hell out of dodge wearing nothing but her nightgown ASAP.

when I finally got back in town, we went over there to get her car. All 6 of the houses on our side of the complex took damage (granted this was a looksee at 2 AM after riding a bus for 8 hrs).

Later today, we're going to go and check out how bad it really is. A friend said that the firemen rescued 8 cats...hopefully 2 of them were ours.

If you're the kid that prays, please keep us in your prayers. I'm sure things will work out, but in the meantime, its gonna be a little rough.

I will try to keep you all posted when I can!


Emm said...

Oh my, what horrible news! Well, I hope that the damage is limited and wish you all the best.

Lin said...

Oh no!! Give us an update, pally, so we know if you, your gal, and the kitties are okay!! I'm sending prayers in the meantime.

I surely pray that you and everyone else is okay.

Mystery Man said...

Emm - yes, indeed, it was...not exactly something you wanna hear on your way back from a fun trip.

Lin - update coming soon