Saturday, March 2, 2013

Road beef

What is it with driver's today that think they're entitled to everything? I have a couple of real beefs to grip out this evening!

First, on the interstate, traffic was a wee bit backed up, and what do some people decide to do? Some we doing their best to weave in and out (not getting where they're going any faster and nearly causing accidents along the way), and others thought where they were going is so important that they can drive on the shoulder and in the parts where no one is to supposed to be driving, only to force their way over at the last minute. WTF?!?

My other beef is one that I've mentioned in a previous blog post. People who wait for you to put away your groceries just so that can get a parking spot. I'm already not a fan of anyone that does this, but today I my disdain for these people had been magnified. As this lady was sitting in her car, it looked like she was balancing her checkbook, this couple who was waiting for the spot started honking like a madman! WTF?!?

I try to be keep a civil tongue about such things, but there comes a point when enough is enough! Next person who tries to get ahead in line on the interstate won't be getting ahead of me, regardless of the danger to them or me! It will serve them right!

As far as the yuppie scum who think they can rush someone out of the spot. Let them do that to me and I'll get out of the car and go right back in the store!

UGH! Excuse me while I let out a primal scream of frustration!

Thanks for reading!

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