Sunday, June 8, 2008

What happened to good TV?

I'm an avid TV watcher. Probably one of the few left in this world of on-line viewing. This season has been...event say the least. The Writer's Strike caused a temporary halt in production for some shows and other just totally got shut down until the season starts in the fall. This is messed up beyond belief. I mean shows such as Heroes, Chuck, and Pushing Daisies haven't been seen since before Christmas.

It is now summertime, which means networks are bombarding us with all sorts of crappy reality TV they can find so they don't have to put on real programming and, heaven forbid, pay actors *GASP*

Granted, not many people watch television during the summer, myself included, but that doesn't mean useless drivel has to be placed on the tube. Seriously, have you seen some of these shows?

I grew up in the 80s and 90s. Remember those days? Before reality? When it seemed like networks actually cared about the people that watched their shows rather than the almighty dollar. Shows were given a chance to grow despite initial bad ratings. I mean, Seinfeld didn't start getting good ratings until the 3rd or 4th season. Take that in comparison to today. It more than likely would be yanked before the holidays if it were on today. What happened?

Also, along with the over saturation of reality, would someone tell me what happened to sitcoms? Seriously, I mean, a good 90% of all shows are either reality based (a term I more than likely will get into on a later blog) or drama. Where are the sitcoms?

I'm sitting here watching one of the all time best sitcoms of all time, I Love Lucy, and thinking they don't make shows like this anymore. It's true, they don't. People nowadays seem more interested in the dark side of things rather than laughter. WTF?!? In these dark times, we could all use some levity.

There are a few on the air. Mainly on CBS. How I Met Your Mother being the best one (in my opinion). What I do find promising is that Nickelodeon and Disney have sitcoms. This means that kids growing up watching these will want the same kind of shows when they get older. At least, one would hope so.

I'm not saying I hate dramas. Some of my favorite shows are dramas. However, it seems that CSI and Law & Order (and the 50 offspring shows both have spawned) are mostly what's on. I long for the days when comedies ruled the air and drams was relegated to that last hour before kids went to bed.

Speaking of the old days...remember when cartoons used to be good? Not saying that they aren't now, but it's an obvious drop off from the quality of days of old. I was watching Kids WB or CW Kids or whatever the hell it calls itself now. Johnny Test and World of Quest reminded me of what cartoons used to be, Spider Man was worth watching, but everything else was a waste of it. I mean, Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo and Shaggy are obvious attempts to introduce old characters to a newer audience. I applaud them for doing this, but, this does not do them justice, especially the Scooby Doo/Shaggy show. Seriously, Scooby eats a Scooby Snack and can turn into anything? What crackhead thought of that? Probably the same one that thought Underdog should have been a real dog in the live action movie. Ugh!

As with most things, though, thing happen in cycles. I am patiently awaiting this cycle to go to the next stage. I know I'm not alone in wanting reality off the air and for more comedies to return to the air. I just hope it happens before TV goes the way of family dinners, chivalry, and radio broadcasts. Why can't people learn from the past rather than try to forget it?

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Anonymous said...

I thought "World of Quest" was interesting at first, and I really got to like Prince Nestor (maybe a little full of himself, but gutsy and good-hearted). But the writing on the show stinks! And it never got any better. I've read that it's been dropped from CW - the last ep is this weekend. Too bad. It could have been good.