Thursday, March 25, 2010

Boxed in

So, I came home and find this box on my door. The kind of box that holds keys for people to come in and look when you're selling your house. This would be fine if I was selling, but there are no plans of selling right now...especially in this market.

However, the neighbor, who is far from my favorite person, is selling his domicile. After calling the number on the box, they said they just put it on the wrong door.

I do wonder, though, if this wasn't some sort of cheap ploy by the dumkompf that lives next door to continue to try and make my life a living hell. I'll be so glad when he's gone, as will most of the people around here.


Junk Drawer Kathy said...

Oh, how weird. But at least the dumkompf is selling, so there's the silver lining, right?

Mystery Man said...

yeah, just wish he'd get out of here sooner, rther than later