Friday, March 5, 2010

New? Hardly!

It has been warming up steadily around here, so of course, folks are making sure that their air conditioners work. This was the case at work today. Principal apparently has the janitors test it out.

That wasn't the big deal, until it started making noises like it was about to blow the school up. What makes it worse is that there were issues with the AC when school started in the fall. Can you imagine a stuffy band hall with 70 middle schoolers and 100 degree temps? Not to mention the humidity!

They had it fixed...or maybe they just ghetto rigged it, but now its not working again. I guess its a good thing they tested it out before it got obscenely hot.

You'd think with a school that is barely 5 yrs old, stuff work. Then again, the old school had to be torn down because of a sinking foundation and this one was built literally 5 yds over!

Talk about cutting corners!

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