Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Work...they're making me do it

One of the things that I look forward to, and at the same time, don't look forward to is contest. Sure, its the culmination of the year's work for students and all, but it is uber-stressful.

What makes it even worse is that this year, we're hosting the blasted thing, and of course boss lady dropped the whole shebang on me. One of these days I'll be the one in charge and can drop this stuff on my assistant...or at least the student teacher...lol

Anyway, the quicker Friday night gets here, the happier I'll be, because it'll all be over...unless we make state contest, then its even more hard work, but it'll be worth it!


Mike Golch said...

Yeh,the bad news is that work may suck,but the good news is that you have a job.Just saying!

Lin said...

Ah, you do it for the kids. Think of what you are giving them--that's the only way to get through it all. I appreciate that you do it for them. Thanks. :)

Mystery Man said...

Mike- true, but just hate that bosslady just dumped this stuff on me this week

Lin- you are more than welcome. its the kids that keep me going...even if they do get under my skin sometimes...lol