Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good and bad

Last night, I went to hear my goddaughter's band concert. I won't go into detail, but say that it was bad...very bad. I'm seriously thinking of talking to her parents about getting her placed into a much better program (like

As bad as it was, I must say, I was ecstatic to come home and find out that the heavens opened up and Kate was voted off Dancing with the Stars!

Of course, I totally forgot to set the DVR for Glee. Hopefully I'll be able to find the episode on line.

So, it was a mix of good and bad last night. I was more happy to get away from this overly busy schedule I'm on right now than anything. The sooner school is out and I can get to catching up on the sleep I'm missing, the better. Of course, knowing me, I'll wake up earlier then than I do now.


Lin said...

There is nothing more painful than a bad band concert. Ugh.

I didn't care for Glee last night. It was mostly Madonna songs with a bit of story line jammed in. It was more music video than anything and I didn't care for that much. Wayyyyy over-produced.

imelda said...

yes its like my sons, too they wake up earlyu during summer break.

Patricia Rockwell said...

Are we psychic twins? I was thrilled that Kate was voted off--but like you FORGOT to tape Glee!

Mystery Man said...

Lin- bad doesn't even begin to describe it. Glee was ok...ut it semed more lik they wanted to cram every Madonna song they could in there

imelda- i used to do that

Patricia- could i caught it Friday night, though