Thursday, August 5, 2010

Band camp storm

So, for those of you wondering where my posts have been this week, I've been occupied with band camp. no worries, though, 1 more week and it'll be done. Of course, by then, school will be back in session --rolls eyes--

So, anyway, as we were outside learning drill today, off in the distance we can see this big, black, ominous cloud that looked as if it were going to veer off and go in another direction.

5 minutes later, we found out to be wrong, as it came...complete with gusting winds and heavy rains. Needless to say we had am music rehearsal inside the gym (only place with A/C on campus until school starts...long story for another time).

In the middle of rehearsal, though, the power goes out. Here's the impressive part. The students kept playing and didn't freak out...unless you count the cheerleaders that were up in the top level. That's a true sign of maturity and discipline I haven't seen from a high school band in quite some time.

Of course, they spent the time without power texting people right next to them. Ugh! I hate texting!

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