Sunday, August 22, 2010

Eye Candy 8/22

Female Hottie: Aarti Sequeira

Keep on the lookout for this week's female hottie. Aarti Sequeira just won The Next Food Network Star and will be premiering her new show tonight. From what I've gathered of what I've seen of this Indian beauty, she is a hybrid of Rachel Ray and Giada Delaurentiis, in terms of personality. Then of course, she's a total cutie.

Male Hottie: John Stamos

This week's male hottie was suggested to me by a facebook friend. Most of us know John Stamos as Uncle Jessie from Full House. Guys are jealous of the for marrying (and divorcing) Rebecca Romijn. He will be appearing in Glee this fall, though it hasn't been revealed how many episodes. I'm sure with his Broadway background, he'll be belting out a few songs.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Alice Eve

This week's random hottie is a fast up and comer in Hollywood. She has most recently been seen in Sex & the City 2 and her starring role in She's Out of My League. She is set to star in next summer's X-Men: First Class. I say we keep an eye out for this buxom, blonde, British beauty.

MILF: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is a recent addition to the ranks of MILF, having just given birth to her daughter. Jessica has appeared in numerous films including both Fantastic Four movies, Sin City, Good Luck Chuck, Valentine's Day, Honey, etc., but I fondly remember the beginning of her career in the TV series Dark Angel. I'm not exactly a fan of Jessica's apparent loss of her curvy figure, but she is still a genuine hottie!

Classic/Retro Hottie: Jennifer Beals

This week's retro hottie is best known for her role in Flashdance or her more recent time in the series The L-Word. Jennifer Beals has also appeared in The Book of Eli, The Grudge 2, Lie to Me, Law & Order, and some small, low-budget films and TV shows. At 46 years young, she is still going strong. She is set to appear in a new series on Fox this fall called Ride-Along.

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FishHawk said...

Jessica Alba and Jennifer Beals... Oh my... (In the most purest sense, of course.)