Friday, August 13, 2010

Did I recover just in time?

Last week was quite the ordeal. Nothing bad, just a very intense band camp. We got lots accomplished. That's the good part.

The bad part, they turned the sprinklers on while we out there practicing. I could swear they planted ants in the practice field. The wooden podium that we directors use is on its last legs. I don't even get up on that thing anymore. Let the old guys do

We lost 5 students during the course of camp. 3 of which were because of the parents believing what the coaches have been saying about bossman. Yeah, the stereotypes of the band director and head football coach not getting along are true at this school. No wonder he's planning on leaving after this year. Ironically, I've had no problem with coach, especially since my aunt taught him in middle The other 2 moved. Can't do anything about that.

Anyway, to learn half of a halftime show in the span of 6 days amidst all the controversy is pretty impressive. This week has been nothing more than those pointless meetings that all teachers hate.

School starts Monday. *SIGH* Where did the summer go?

Well, thanks for listening/reading!


Lin said...

Yea/boo band camp! It's hard to believe it is that time of year already. It's a love/hate kinda thing, isn't it?

Mystery Man said...

yeah, i love my job and all that, but the heat and preparation is miserable. It all pays off when the show is on the field. They're talking Best in Class already, which would be awesome....even better, they're talking most entertaining (a lesser "fun" award at one of our contests). Since I arranged the show, that would be kind of awesome for