Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Case en Fuego...one year later

A year ago today, I was coming back from a trip to San Antonio, only to find out that my happy home, along with the 5 others connected to it and the apartments behind it had all burned down. Well, here's a little update about all of that.

The houses were torn down about month after all this happened. Amazing how everything else has taken forever and a day to get done, but tearing down the remains of burnt out houses (and totally clearing everything out of there) was done in less than a day. It was almost as if the other 6 people wanted some sort of park/front yard there.

Speaking of those other 6...

The insurance money did come in, but the association that runs our little complex is saying that they (the 6 people on the other side who still have their houses) are entitled to the money as well. Now, when I say the other 6, I should point out that everything has gone through 1 guy (who is the president of the association), and then there are two bitchy women who flat out said the smell of burnt houses was making them sick, as myself and the other victims were there with the complex insurance man.

Back to the money, though, with the way the by-laws are written, they actually are entitled to the money, but seriously, if you see your neighbors homes destroyed and know that this money is supposed to be divied up among them, why would you even think about keeping that money for yourself. Greed is an ugly thing, that's for sure!

Needless to say, this is going to court to get settled. When is this court date? Well, that is a mystery.

While we await the date and ruling, the little woman and I are stuck in this hell hole apartment. On top of paying rent (too much for over here), mortgage on house that isn't there anymore, lawyer fees, etc., we now have to sign another lease. Why is this? Well, it because of the mortgage. Can't get a new house until it is paid off, and can't rent someplace else unless one of us gets a raise. *SIGH*

What of the cause of the fire? Well, it was some senile woman's faulty air condition unit, which was repaired with second hand replacement parts, btw. Rumor has it that she heard the first spark and took off before the fire started and was the one who called 911, but no one can prove that.

As far as any legal action against her, apparently because of her mental state, none can be taken. I do wonder, though, if she's in such a questionable mental state, how is she living alone?

What of the other people who lost their houses? Well, 2 of them haven't said anything about this whole situation. One of them went into bankruptcy (and caused even more legal drama) because of this. The guy who was still fixing up the unit he just bought before he and his wife moved in is wondering why things are taking so long, and has hired his own insurance investigator. Then there is the newlyweds who were trying to sell their house. They're in a bit of a bind with all this, as you can imagine.

It turns out that the association president has been withholding information from us and not exactly been doing all he can to get things resolved. I wonder if it was his house that burned and we were the ones running things if he'd feel the same way.

Aside from all of that, though, things did get back to "normal" about a month or so afterwards. Yes, I miss my house, and my cats, may they rest in peace, but I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Hell, the little woman and I have a stronger relationship now than ever, so that's a good thing!

Still, let's hope that this time next year, we're not still sitting here in the crappy apartment still waiting for this thing to be resolved!

Oh, those apartments that burned down? They've all been rebuilt and the people have moved back in.

Be glad you're not having to go through this lovely situation!

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