Thursday, May 6, 2010

Curves are beautiful...but ABC and Fox think they're obscene, apparently

There has been an uproar the past couple of weeks about this commercial for Lane Bryant.

Now, after watching that, did you see anything obscene about it? I know I didn't. Of course, I'm a red-blooded, straight male who likes big breasts, so I'm a little biased, but that's beside the point. Fact is, she is a beautiful, curvy woman who isn't stick thin.

Apparently, though, this ad is obscene. At least Fox and ABC seem to think so, because both have banned it, although I did see it this week near the end of American Idol on Fox.

They're "defense" for banning this ad is that it shows too much skin. Yeah...whatever!

Sure, she's showing some skin, but this is a lingerie ad, and honestly, she's way more covered up than those twigs with implants you see in the Victoria's Secret commercials, or the sequined cloth costumes seen on Dancing With the Stars (just to name a couple of examples).

This brings up the question...was this ad banned because she's a bigger woman? I hate to go there, because I feel taking that route is almost as bad as playing the race card, but it sure seems that way.

For whatever reason, the powers that be at these two networks feel that we would be offended by this ad. As I said before, I'm far from offended. If anything, the constant bombardment of twigs in ads is more offensive. The only thing offensive about this commercial for me, is that she covered up at the end!

Like many out there, the way this has been handled by ABC and Fox makes me lose what little respect I have for both networks. I'm curious to know what you think about this, though. Are you offended? Is it too much skin? Is it a weight issue?


Shemah said...

I think it's so ridiculous.. I watched the ad twice and as a woman, I was really glad to see a non-twig do the ad. In no way did I think it was obscene. There are other ads out there which should be banned and this Lane Bryant commercial isn't one of them.

Lola said...

I'm a red blooded lesbian and I love big breasts, so I'm a little biased too. However, how is this ad any different from the commercial for Victoria Secret's Naked Bra and Panties line? For that matter, how is it different from any Victoria Secret ad? Or how about those Dove commercials that promote women to love themselves no matter what size they are?

This ad is no different. It's still women in bras and panties.

Yes, this commercial is hhhhot to me. But for men or women who prefer thinner women, aren't those Victoria Secret commercials hhhot? Those models walking around in just bras and panties in slow motion, unseen winds blowing through their hair, fabric billowing around them, looking like some hot music video.

These ads definitely shouldn't be banned.

Equality for all women in bras and panties!

Mystery Man said...

Shemah- thanks for weighing in. i',m with you, this is not one of the commercials they should be banning

Lola- isn't having a big breast bias great? lol

nothing wrong with women in panties, if its done tastefully, as in this ad, but to have them griding around for no reason, as in the Victoria's Secrets ads is basis for banning in my opion, but i'm not one of the gay men in charge of what is or isn't fashionable these days (as someone on some talk show said the other day)