Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eye Candy Mother's Day edition

This week's edition of eye candy will focus solely on the hot moms. Next week, we will return to our normal selections, and don't worry, come Father's Day, the guys will get the same treatment.

It hasn't been easy narrowing these down like this, but I think I did a good job.

Hot mom from TV: Lois Griffin

Before I get grief for this selection, let me explain. This category for hot mothers on TV. The fact that she's animated aside, Lois is quite the hot mom. Oh, and this my list, so :P

Hot mom from the music world: Shania Twain

There were many to choose from to earn this spot, but in the end I chose Shania. Now, I'm not a fan of country music. As a matter of fact, I hate the stuff, but I am a fan of beauty, and Shania has loads of that.

Hot mom from the modeling world: Cindy Crawford

In this day and time where models are lucky if they weigh as much as the clothes their wearing, its always nice to remember that it wasn't that long ago that the likes of Cindy Crawford were skinny, but healthy. She still has that figure, even after giving birth to two children.

Hot mom from the movies: Stifler's Mom from American Pie (Jennifer Coolidge)

I had trouble picking this one, there are so many from Halle Berry to Kate Beckinsale, and all those in between, but then I thought about the movie American Pie, which is responsible for bringing the world the term "MILF", but it was Jennifer Coolidge who gave life to that word, so she gets this spot, even though she isn't a real mother.

Classic/retro hot mom: Morticia Adams from The Adams Family

In the classic category, it was a toss up, but finally came down to Morticia and Claire Huxtable. With a flip of a coin, Morticia is the winner.


FishHawk said...

Whoa, MOMMA!

Mystery Man said...

lol I take it you apporve of this week's choices?