Friday, October 1, 2010

Lack of performance

For any of you that ever been in or involved with anything that requires practicing and dress rehearsals, then you know that the last minute preparations and chance to show what you can do is crucial.

Well, my band kids have 3 contests in the next 5 weeks. In the span of that time, they will get to perform a total of 4 times (the contests and 1 home game). The reason for this is that first of all or football team has 3 home games all season. The first one was the season opener, the second is next week which is our homecoming, and the third is the last game of the season, which will be senior day.

We won't get to perform at either of our remaining home games (unless bossman decides to do a postgame). Like I said, next week is homecoming, and that is nothing more than standing still playing the same song (Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely...if I ever finish over...and over...and over...and over...and over again, while the court walks through as slow as they possibly can.

The last home game is senior day. Tradition dictates we do a special show for the seniors, so that throws out that one.

As for the away games, apparently, it is the popular thing to play us for homecoming because every team we play, and I do mean EVERY team, is playing s for homecoming. No wonder we have all these away games!

So, where is the 4th performance? Well, in an effort to at least get 1 show in before contest, we're going to perform at a JV football game. There are two reasons for this. First, the star trombone player (who also plays football) will be playing, but, as he does on Friday nights, he'll run over at halftime, then run back. It's a chance to pay back the coach for not making him choose between the two, because we all know some coaches would have done just that. The second reason is that is shows good school spirit and its a that will be desperately needed.

As you can see, I'm none to thrilled with that way the football schedule has played out. I kind of had a notion it wold end up this way when it was released, but I was just joking around. Little did I know that I'd be right.

I'm sure the kids'll be fine. It just sucks that things have ended up having to play out this way.

Don't get me started on how many parents bitched and moaned about tonight's game, which was originally scheduled for last night...up until Monday. As if we have any control over the TV station deciding to go with another game to show!

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Lin said...

Football just gets in the way of marching season. What the heck were they thinking with this schedule???

We have 4 contests this year and this week we have a game on Friday and a contest on Saturday. My back may never recover. Ugh.