Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pet Obesity Day?

Did you know that yesterday was pet obesity day? I didn't, but here's the thing...does it really matter? I mean, I have a rather fat cat, so what?

Since when is it a crime to have a fat pet? For that matter, why are there celebrity chefs making dog food now to keep dogs (no other animals, just dogs), from getting to be what "they" call obese.

I swear...this society is getting more and more obsessed with more and more things that don't really matter. Look, if a pet is fat, then let them be. Is there really a reason to devote an entire day to this "epidemic"?

Why not have a day for all the homeless pets? What about the lost pets that have ended up as roadkill? Maybe a spay/neuter day?

These all seem like better, more worthwhile ideas than a freakin' pet obesity day! Then again, maybe it's just me!

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