Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm not one to talk politics. There are about a gazillion other blogs out there for that purpose. However, I was reading on some of team's message boards how that Obama is behind their losses. WTF?!?

OK...First off, I'm of the belief that if you don't like the president, then get off your butt, run for office, and see if you can do better. There is no reason to sit around bashing the man. Those that didn't vote didn't make their voice heard then, so why should people care now?

Second, how in tarnation can the president affect a team? Is he out there running the plays? Is he out there practicing (or not practicing) every day? Is he calling the plays? The answer to all these is no, so there is no way in hell he can cost a team anything. Not to mention that he is more than stressed out enough without having to worry about football strategy.

It amazes me the stupidity and utter hatred of some people out there. It just makes me sick!!!


Valerie David said...

I've been shocked that since his presidency started, EVERY article I've read, no matter the topic, has comments that blame Obama for something. It's his fault a chain store close, or a TV show got canceled, it's his fault that some kid got kicked out of school in Chicago, it's his fault that the wrong person won American Idol. Obviously you can write some people off as trolls, but the sheer volume of comments like these means some people out there actually believe these things. It's crazy--and scary.

Mystery Man said...

long time no hear, Val...guess the same could be said for me, huh? lol

you're right, though, it seems like the man can't tie his shoes without someone saying something like "Obama blinked and a car crashed" WTF?!?

what is wrong with our society?