Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eye Candy 8/23

Female Hottie: Norah Jones

This week's vision of loveliness is the multi Grammy award winning, gorgeous Norah Jones. She hasn't released anything in the past 2 or 3 years, but that doesn't mean she's any less beautiful. I'm a little jealous of her because she got into the University of North Texas' music school (then dropped out to pursue her career). Someone needs to tell her to get back in the studio so we can hear and see more of her.

Male Hottie: Freddie Prinze, Jr.

At great risk to my manhood, I'll admit that Freddie Prinze, Jr. at one time was one of my favorite actors. This was around the time he was doing those movies She's All That, Boys and Girls, Down to You, etc. Then came Scooby Doo. Things haven't been the same between us since then, but he does have a hot wife (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and earned back some cred with me by handling his own on WWE Monday Night Raw. Ladies, be on the look for him in the upcoming season of 24 (we won't mention his failed sitcom, Freddie)

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Olesya Rulin

This week's random hottie comes to us from High School Musical 3: Senior Year (don't judge me). Forget Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale, Olesya, who hides her hotness behind glasses and a piano in those movies, is the best looking girl in those movies. She currently has a recurring role on the ABC Family series, Greek. I'm sure bigger and better things are in store for her, even though it seems she's the only member of the HSM cast to not breakthrough into mainstream success. Maybe someone should call Dancing With the Stars?

MILF: Nicole Kidman

Anyone remember when she was married to Tom Cruise. Looking back on the way things have played out, I have to wonder if their divorce was her way of telling the world he was crazy. Strangely enough, once she divorced Tom, her career took off and she hasn't looked back since, except to take care of their 2 kids, not mention her newest addition with new hubby Keith Urban. 3 kids and still looks like that...I'd say she's more than deserving of MILF status, wouldn't you?

Classic/Retro Hottie: Daisy Fuentes

Remember those days when MTV used to play videos? Don't they seem like ancient history? Well, Daisy was the first Latina VJ. She also went on to co-host America's Funniest Home Videos for a few years. Currently, she is responsible for some kind of pilates exercise "game" for the Wii (Daisy Pilates) and has her hand in numerous charities, as well as her own clothing line, not to mention she still does her fair share of modeling. Maybe she'll get back in front of the camera one day.


Cashmere said...

I used to like Freddie Prinze.. haha! And Nicole Kidman is flawlessly beautiful and hot! :)

foongpc said...

I like Nicole Kidman! : )

Kooki said...

I like Norah Jones! I heard that she's releasing a new album that is more on acoustic this time.

Valerie David said...

I don't know if Freddie made bad choices, or if he didn't have any other choices...but it was a shame to see him pretty much disappear.

As for MILF Nicole, I'm pretty sure her kids with Tom were adopted. Not sure about the latest addition, but it's a lot easier to keep your figure when you don't actually have the kids yourself...heh.

I've always liked Nicole, and I thought she was so beautiful, but she's gotten so skinny and so Botoxed now, it's too much. I hate that celebrities are getting work done earlier and earlier. We don't even know what natural beauty looks like anymore. *sigh*

And Daisy rocks. And her clothes and jewelry are pretty cool, too. *G*

Mystery Man said...

sounds like you guys all like

Kooki- yeah, last i heard it was upposed ot be more mainstream, though

Val- yes, indeed Daisy rocks and you are right about Nicole being too skinny