Saturday, August 1, 2009

July top droppers

Wow! Can you believe another month has come and gone? Keeping with tradition, I'd like to take these few moments and acknowledge my top droppers for the month of July.

MamaFlo's Place
Rambling Stuff
Everyday Living
PJ's Prose
Computer Aid
The Way I See It
Secondary Roads
English Wilderness: Nature Photography
Beyond Left Field

I have to go back and look, but with the exception of MamaFlo and Computer Aid, I do believe these are all new to the top dropper list. Congrats and keep it up!

Now who will be August's top droppers?


MamaFlo said...

Thank you for the linky love......a day without a drop here is like a day without sunshine ;)

John | English Wilderness said...

Thanks for listing me, it's very much appreciated. I'm going camping, so not sure if I'll make the August top 10. :-)