Friday, August 14, 2009

False advertising

I don't have any ads on this (except for EC) or my other blog, but I have noticed on many of your blogs, and the web ion general these ads

I may just be overly critical or what have you, but I can't help but think these are just lies and propaganda meant to fool those that are so desperate to lose weight that they'll believe anything. Fact is, short of getting lipo or cutting off some limbs, there's no way us normal people can lose this much weight that quickly. Celebrities are a different story, of course.

I know we all wish there was a way to go from fat to ripped in just 4 weeks without dieting or working out, but they haven't developed that miracle drug yet. If they have, its not legal and tested and all that jazz just

So, what do you think when you see these ads?


MamaFlo said...

I have to agree with you that these pictures are actually comical.
Everyone including our government will lie to sell something!

Mystery Man said...

ain't that the truth?