Friday, December 30, 2011


Watch this...

Isn't that eerily creepy? It turns out that the park was set to have been demolished back in January. Last I heard, that never happened. What is worse, is the fact that Six Flags won't sell the property back to New Orleans and refuses to make the repairs. In essence there is all that land and those attractions just sitting there.

It also appears a few filmmakers have tried to buy the property and offer to fix it up for movies. Zombieland was originally supposed to have been filmed there, from what I hear. Of course, some kind of weird city permits are keeping that from ever happening. Yet another sad story having to deal with Katrina.

As much as the city has recovered since then, this shows that some things will never be he same. Or is this more of Six Flags not wanting to lose money (as if they don't get enough of it with their overpriced tickets and such)?

What say you, dear readers?

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