Saturday, December 31, 2011

So this is what it was like...

Back in October, the 50th anniversary of West Side Story came about. Certain theaters had a special screening of the film and the little woman and I went for a viewing. Well, I should say that I dragged her along with me, since she is no

I won't go into a review of the movie. If you want that, then you have to track it down in my movie blog.

I do want to talk about the atmosphere of the theater.

As most of you know, I am a fan of yesteryear. There just seemed something you say...classy about back then.

The theater we went to is one of those that brings back the look and feel of old Hollywood. Posters of classic films (and of course the current advertisements), mixed with the look of a classic theater.

I have to say that the whole experience made me feel like I was really seeing the film for the first time. Almost as if I was there when it was initially released, which was years nearly 2 decades before I was even born.

As great as this experience was, it was only a once in a lifetime event. I do think, though, that, given the retro feel of the place, they should consider maybe having a day where they show classic movies or something. Just an idea...

Now, if only they could go with retro

Well, thanks for reading!

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