Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The bigger villain is....?

I've been doing my best to keep up with the hazing death story at Florida A & M and the child molestation scandal at Penn State.

It seems as if everyday there is some new at Florida A & M, but nothing that just makes you sit up and take notice the way that some of the things are taking shape up there in Pennsylvania.

I say thins because the guy that molested those boys in the shower has been arrested like 3 or 4 times sice the story broke, on different occasion for various things (not sure the exact number or reasons). Each time, though, he has been released on bail.

So, the guy pays for his freedom and can't really leve his house. That is part of my problem, but think back a couple years ago when NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress was arrested for shooting himself in the leg (on accident, nonethless).

This guy was denied any kind of freedom, not to mention he didn't get an early release. He had no priors, and yet they treated him almost as if he had shot and killed someone.

Top top that off, a few years prior to that, Michael Vick, who went to jail for that dog fighting ring was all but crucified because, heaven forbid, he killed some dogs.

Congress and the feds even got involved in making sure he went to jail as soon as possible and got a severe sentence.

These two men have served their time and are back on the field. Now, I ask you, are a man who shot himself and another who ran a dog fighting ring that much of a threat to society than one who molests children (and appears to be getting away with it)?

Something just seems to be off here, don't you think?


Mike Golch said...

yep that bastard should be in jail. i guess if you have a great enough lawyer you get away with stuff for a while.

Mystery Man said...

sure seems like it, doesn't it?