Thursday, July 30, 2009

Down with the dorms

Picture this...August 1996, a young 17 yr old is off to college and his first dorm and all the joys of college life.

That young man graduated 6 yrs later. What about the dorm? Well, see for yourself...

Apparently, this isn't the only dorm at my college (Northwestern St. University) to be torn down. I hear that all but one are now gone, and the only reason that last one is still standing is because of its historical value (there's a whole history lesson to go into involving it surviving fires and whatnot).

From what I can understand, they're joining in with the fad of building campus apartments.

Still, it is sad. Some of my fondest memories on-campus were had in the dorms. I can only imagine when I go back for football games this fall how different campus will look. At least I know about it, imagine about the alumni who will be coming down that have no idea! Talk about a shock!

btw...the dorm that I spent my first two years in was not as good as I made it out to be. I actually hated living there. The second yr, it was my job to live there, but not a day went by that I didn't want out, but the memories were good. Not sure if that made any sense to anyone but me, but I'm tired!


Sandy said...

Yes, it makes perfect sense. My daughter's freshman dorm was the oldest one on campus. Each graduation there's a tradition of people gathering up at their first dorm and having an activity. The gathering for her's was to look at the whole and the new construction that was started. Previously though, there was a neat gathering to watch the emplosion. I don't think apt's are really going to replace dorms across the country; though some are adding a few.

I hope they keep dorms in most places, one goes away to college and one of the biggest things to learn is how to get along, how to share...really a dorm room helps that life lesson. If one is in an apartment and has very little shared space the whole lesson is lessened which I think is a mistake.

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Nodami said...

When I was in college, I lived in a dorm too. We were all boys hehehe so it was so much fun that we could do anything at all. A lot of memories have been in that dormitory. I really treasured living in the dorm.