Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mommy's guilt trip

So, I called the 'rents this afternoon. The usual call. Pleasantries, how are things going. Asking if I'd been keeping up with the Michael Jackson stuff, blah, blah,blah. Then I get the guilt trip.

Mothers are known for guilt tripping heir kids, and usually I manage to get away from these, but with my sister going for a visit this holiday weekend, I guess she figured it was time to lay the guilt on me, especially since I haven't been back for awhile (a point she made sure to mention more than a few times).

Now, I'm no one to run visit on holidays. She knows that. I'm of the belief that it should be no different to visit on December 25th than June 25th, y'know? Plus, I hate driving through holiday traffic.

If I was able to get away sometime this summer, I would go, but that just doesn't look like it's gonna happen until until Labor Day.

To add to the guilt, she just happened to conveniently bring up the fact that my little brother is 17 and looking for a job and that it would be nice if I could send him a couple dollars. Nothing wrong with's just the way she snuck it in there....more guilt.

Oh well, I guess it happens, right?

Anyone have any idea where a 17 yr old autistic boy can work? No one seems to want to hire him.


Lola said...

If he is in special education contact the school to find out what job programs are in the area, or contact the local social services to find out what job programs are available for 17 year old autisic teens.

My 16 year old daughter is bugging me about getting a job, but she is in no way ready. (She is bipolar or schizophrenic depending on whose diagnosis you believe. I believe she is schizophrenic.) Her school has a work program and I told her at the beginning of this year to tell her teachers and counselors, EVERYONE there that she wants in on that. Well, she didn't and now the work program that is going on in summer school is filled. There is no way she could work a 'real job'. She needs to get in on this school program because she does need the extra guidance. Grrrr. Makes me so mad she let the opportunity slip by.

Sherry said...

In what general geographical area is that autistic teen? There are a few companies that go the extra mile in trying to employ persons with special needs.

Sherry at EX Marks the Spot

Sandi said...

I hope I am as good at the guilt trips one day as YOUR mom. haha ;) Teasing. I bet I do it though. I can see it now.

Sandy said...

I lost my Mom just a 2 months ago and as I think about not being able to spend this holiday wkend with her (her favorite), I'm jealous you have yours to make you feel guilty.

Hubby has a saying, we all find the time to do what we want when we want. As I've gotten older, I think he's right. I think there are many times in our lives we might have done something differently if we could see and feel it from someone else's perspective.

My daughter won't make it home this wkend either; though she was here briefly last wkend and we're looking forward to seeing her in 3 wks. Labor Day sounds a long way off.

Happy 4th, whatever it is you're going to do.

No ideas for your brother, sorry to say. Can he mow and do landscaping?

Dorothy L said...

Guilt is part and parcel of the game in any relationship. It is however up to each individual to not allow the little move of guilt to affect your game:)
People lay guilt trips because they can and/or have been successful with it in the past to the point of it becoming a very bad habit.

Kids are not born with the gift to lay guilt trips....they lean it form someone:)
They are also darn good at it because they know they have the heart strings in their hands:)