Monday, July 27, 2009

Musical Monday

A little different genre for this week's Musical Monday. I hope you all enjoy "Five Foot Two, Eye of Blue" performed by Guy Lombardo.

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Empty Streets said...

Dropping by to check out what is on your MM today and so far am loving it :) will be downloading it soon, hope you have a great week ahead :) xoxo

Lola said...

The issues with the Facebook games are Slashkey. Farm Town eventually came back up late this afternoon. Apparently when they did updates the server crashed. At least that was the story with Farm Town.

I don't use the games you mentioned, but I know for Farm Town I had to sign out, reboot my computer and then sign in after they got the server issue resolved.

Mystery Man said...

Empty Streets- thanks for dropping by. Keep coming back often

Lola-i think it was just a fluke, everything is working now. must have some maintenance going on with all the apps