Friday, July 16, 2010

3D TV?

I had heard rumors and rumbling about 3D TV, but never thought I'd live to see the day it would come to reality...until tonight.

The little woman and I went to Best buy to get an idea of what kind of new TV we want and there was this abomination...a 3D TV.

I'm no fan of 3D. I think it is nothing more than a way for studios to sap more money out of moviegoers, since they're not getting enough from those excessively expensive tickets.

Television is going the same way, what with all the HDTV and whatnot. They even made that law a while back that all sets had to be HDTV compatible or something. In other words, if you had one of those ancient sets from the 50s, it was time for you to upgrade.

My initial thought on this 3D TV is, why would anyone want to wear glasses to sit and watch something in their living room (excluding those of us that already wear glasses, of course). It makes no sense! Ugh!

I just don't get it. Maybe I should just get to inventing a time machine and go back to the 80s, 60s, 40s, or 50s...before any of this stuff was even though of and times were much simpler. Anyone care to join me?

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