Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vidoe games in P.E.?

So, band camp started this week. Think in the past 3 days, I've sweated off a good 5-10 lbs just being outside. I can only imagine how much it is for the

Anyway, we went inside to the gym for a cool down session yesterday (believe it or not, that is the coolest place in the school), and I noticed on the wall the curriculum for P.E.

They had on there the usual...volleyball, flag football, health/cpr, basketball, soccer, aerobics/gymnastics, board/video games.

Yes,m you read that right, they apparently are teaching video games in high school P.E. now!

I'm assuming this is stuff like Wii Fit, Dance Dane Revolution, and the other stuff that is fitness oriented, but knowing this school, it wouldn't surprise me if it as God of War, Grand Theft Auto,Mario Brothers, etc.

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