Sunday, July 11, 2010

Eye Candy 7/11

Female Hottie: Brittany Snow

This week's female hottie is best known for her roles in Hairspray and John Tucker Must Die. Aside from those roles, Brittany has appeared in other projects on the big and small screen, such as Prom Night, The Pacifier, Nip/Tuck, American Dreams, Guiding Light, and even lent her voice to the Kingdom Hearts II video game. She has a few projects in post production, so we're sure to be seeing more of her soon enough.

Male Hottie: Ashton Kutcher

It seems like just yesterday Ashton Kutcher was the shaggy haired stoner on The 70s Show that all the women were in love with. Today, he's the shaggy headed actor that all the women are in love with who just happens to be married to Demi Moore. Kutcher has been developing quite the resume, with appearances in movies like Dude, Where's My Car?, Just Married, The Butterfly Effect, Valentine's Day, and more recently The Killers. On top of that, he also produces a few shows, most notably MTV's Punk'd.

Random Hottie from a movie or TV show seen this week: Lynn Collins

This week's random hottie comes to us from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Lynn Collins' career was supposed to take off after that movie, but actually seems to have cooled down. She does have a new movie coming out in 2010, John Cater of Mars, so maybe she'll be back in public view by then. Previously, she has appeared in True Blood, 13 Going on 30, Down With Love, The Merchant of Venice, Law & Order: SVU, Supernatural, and a few other works.

MILF: Megyn Price

This week's MILF first caught my attention on Grounded for Life. These days, Megyn is an occasional guest at the round table on Chelsea Lately and stars on Rules of Engagement. This striking mother of 1 is sure to be around for a while.

Classic/Retro Hottie: Lana Turner

This week's classic hottie may actually best be known for her innocent look. I believe the term they used for many of her early roles was ingenue. In a total 180, she morphed into a femme fatale later in her career. Some of her resume include roles in Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Somewhere I'll Find You, They Won't Forget, The Three Musketeers, Peyton Place, The Postman Rings Twice, Madame X, Bachelor in Paradise, just to name a few. Like many women of this era, Lana married often, 7 times. She was quoted as saying "My goal was to have one husband and seven children, but it turned out to be the other way around."


FishHawk said...

Brittany Snow lost a lot of appeal to me when she acted so indignant over the trials and tribulations of Paris Hilton a while back. Now, this is not to say that Paris had not earned some indignation, but Brittany came across as just a typical high school "mean girl" with her remarks.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you choose a brunette Lana - here's a more typical Lana:

reanaclaire said...

She looks pretty familiar this Lana.. u mentioned Peyton Place.. now i m trying to recall which character she played as..

Mystery Man said...

FishHawk- eh, she's just like everyone else and didn't really care about Paris, contrary to the media's belief that we all want to know everything about her

Grace- i had another picture that I was debating using, but liked this one better. Didn't even occur to me until you mentioned it that I used a brunette pic

reanaclaire- haven't seen the movie, so i couldn't tell you. i know her mostly from Fred Mertz always mentioning her on I Love Lucy lol