Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The danger of "chick flicks"

I don't know if anyone that is going to bother to read this is familiar with viewaskew universe, but if you are than you know that Jeff Anderson (Randal from Clerks and Clerks 2) directed a movie called Now You Know.

This movie is a mixture of everything your typical guy would want, strippers, boobs, beer, hot lesbians. The only things missing were some sports, hot sex, and explosions. However, more than being a guy movie this thing was teetering on chick flick status.

A brief summary, in my words, is as follows...Guy #1 is set to get married in Vegas to his high school sweetheart, unfortunately, she calls off the wedding and doesn't tell anyone except those that need to know. Both the gf and guy #1 return to Jersey and are bombarded with the big question..Why? Blah, blah...comedic filler and non plot stuff. The gf goes to lesbian bar with her friend, attempts to explain the situation to a table full of lesbians and a gay guy. Apparently. a transvestite or transgender, who Guy #1's friends hired as a stripper was there and told him about what she/he heard. Eventually, the final confrontation occurs and gf tells Guy #1 that she called things off because she felt unappreciated.

So, since watching this, my gf has been dropping hints towards marriage, babies, and of course, typical chick drama. Oy! I hate watching movies like this with her. It results in the same thing every time.

She even got pissed because I wanted to watch Shaft afterwards and not another chick flick. I'm sorry, but, and I'm sure a lot of guys will agree), I need some major testosterone after sitting through that. That's just how it is.

Now You Know!

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